2_Reboot Environment

Reboot/Restart Environment Automation

Recipe Objective: Reboot/Restart Environment Automation – Rebooting or restarting EPM environments with multiple servers requires a specific order of operations that must be followed including specific wait times to complete a successful reboot. Utilizing the Accelatis Environment Reboot task will take human error out of the picture and ensure consistency of the process.

Description: Automate and schedule your environment restart

Difficulty: Medium

Resources: IT user with access to server credentials

Time required: 2 hours

Recipe Details


Before beginning the process of defining an environment reboot flow it is important to review some fundamental points about how the process works.

1. The Execution Server (the server/agent) responsible for executing the task cannot be one of the servers being rebooted as part of the task. This means that when rebooting an entire environment the execution server must be a server outside of that environment that is running an Accelatis Agent.
2. The reboot is accomplished using a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) call. For WMI commands to work the Windows Management Instrumentation service must be running on the server(s) being rebooted.

Reboot/Restart Environment Automation – Steps:

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